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About Us

As aspiring high school debaters, we recognized the value of debate and the opportunities we were given with our high school programs. Through years of practice and countless hours of preperation, we are ranked among the top debaters in California.

We want to spread the skills we learned to new audiences and engage more young people in debate. We do this through free, high-quality workshops and coachings, accessible to people of all ages.

The Team


Sucheer Maddury

Founder & President

Sucheer Maddury is a junior who started his debate career in 7th grade. So far, he has broken at 6 different invitationals: SCU Spring '21 Octos, 2x James Logan Dubs, Stephen Stewart Dubs, SCU Fall '21 Finals (2nd place and top 5 speaker), SCU Fall '22 Champion (1st place), Stanford '23 Champion (1st place). He also qualified to the state level as 1st seed from Coast Forensic League, and placed 15th at the state tournament, making him a top 15 Lincoln-Douglas debater in California. Additionally, he qualified to the national tournament and placed 1st seed out of 280 qualifiers. He is enthusiastic to teach students!


Sunay Patel

Curriculum Head

Sunay Patel has also been debating since 6th grade. As a qualified debater and speaker, Sunay Patel has broken through 3 different tournaments, and has even gone 4-0 at a CFL tournament. Among numerous close breaks as well, he has consistently debated through over 15 tournaments and counting. Working with the middle school team in his freshman and sophomore year, he hopes to work with, improve, and teach students in these private coachings. 


Eshan Velidandla


Eshan started debating in 6th grade. He has numerous speech and debate accolades, most notably he has championed at Claremont, Long Beach, Stephan Stewart, Rocky Mountain, and Kickapoo, is a finalist at Claremont, has debated until quarter finals at SCU 2 times, and James Logan, and has received numerous speaker awards. He has debated at over 28 different tournaments, and has received awards in multiple events. He looks forward to helping all students, both in private coachings as well as through workshops. 


Rayan Sengupta

Advertising Head

Rayan Sengupta started debate in middle school. His accolades include 2nd in Karen Keefer, n octos in Bay Area Middle School Championship. He placed 15th at CMSSA and was the 8th speaker. In high school, he placed 28th at the SCU invitational and 18th in the CHSSA states. He is looking forward to working with all students!


Raymond Dai


Raymond Dai started debating as a freshman in high school. Since then, he has broken at numerous tournaments including Double-octofinals at the James Logan invitational, twice octofinals at the SCU Spring invitational, quarterfinals at SCU Fall with an undefeated preliminary record, and has championed at the Claremont Wolfpack invitational. At local league tournaments, he has also gone undefeated and broken at State Qualifiers. He is looking forward to teaching at workshops.


Alper Altinel


Alper started debating in 8th grade. He has broken at SCU thrice, Claremont twice, James Logan once, went to finals at SCU in 2021, championed the Claremont invitational in 2022 with an undefeated prelim record, championed the Rocky Mountain invitational, and qualified to State. He is excited to pass on what he has learned and train the next generation of debaters!


Krish Desai


Krish Desai is a sophomore who started debate in 7th grade in the middle school program, competing in Public Forum. So far, he has broken into octofinals at the SCU tournament and he has gained a lot of experience by going to CFL and invitational tournaments. He is looking forward to preparing and helping out at workshops in the future.

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